Agri Plant

Here at Skelton Plant Hire we have strong links to Agriculture, dating back to the formation of the company in 1988 and the first piece of plant, a BobCat Skid-Steer Loader.  In keeping with current demand, we have enhanced our fleet to offer additional equipment with a slant towards more agricultural specifications that optimise the versatility and productivity of the machines.  Along with high specification ‘R series’ John Deere tractors, we have trailers and vacuum bowsers to extend our offering into the agricultural, amenity and civil engineering markets throughout the UK.  We have experienced CPCS qualified drivers should you require, or take it self drive if you prefer.

John Deere 6170R Tractor
Weight (Kg)  7500
Horse Power 170-200
Speed (kph) 50
John Deere 6155R Tractor
Weight (Kg)  6900
Horse Power 155-195
Speed (kph) 50
John Deere 6130R Tractor
Weight (Kg)  5460
Horse Power 130-145
Speed (kph) 50
John Deere Gator 855D
Weight incl fuel (Kg) 788
Width (m) 1.571
Length (m) 3.021
Height (m) 1.9
Payload Capacity (Kg) 635
Towing Capacity (Kg) (additional to Payload Capacity) 680
 Full Specification
Manitou MT 625
Weight (Kg) 4710
Height (m) 1.92
Width (m) 1.82
Length (m) 3.89
Lifting capacity (T) 2.5
 Full Specification
JCB 531-70 T4i
Weight (Kg) 7060
Height (m) 2.49
Width (m) 2.23
Length (m) 4.99
Lifting capacity (T) 3.1
 Full Specification
JCB 535-95 T5
Weight (Kg) 8160
Height (m) 2.49
Width (m) 2.29
Length (m) 4.99
Lifting capacity (T) 3.5
 Full Specification
JCB 560-80 T5
Weight (Kg) 10150
Height (m) 2.59
Width (m) 2.42
Length (m) 5.27
Lifting capacity (T) 5.0
 Full Specification
Kubota F3890 Mower
Weight (Kg) 815
Height w Roll Bar (m) 1.985
Cutting Width (in) 72
 Full Specification
John Deere X950R Mower
Weight (Kg) 2,235
Height w Roll Bar (m) 2.078
Width (m) 1.18
Length (m) 3.449
Collector capacity (L) 650
 Full Specification
Bailey Trailer Flat 10
Weight w/o fuel (Kg) 2850
Loading Height (m) 1.22
Body Width (m) 2.44
Body Length (m) 7.62
Pay Load (T) 10
 Full Specification
Bailey Lay Flat 8/16 Low Loader
Body Length (m) 4.87
Width (m) 2.50
Pay Load (T) 8
Unladen Weight (kg) 2000
 Full Specification
NC 16T Tandem Axle Trailer
Loading Height (m) 0.89
Body Width (m) 2.54
Body Length (m) 7.61
Pay Load (T) 16
 Full Specification
NC 316 16T Dump Trailer
Height (m) 2.22
Width (m) 2.52
Length (m) 5.54
Carrying Capacity (T) 16
 Full Specification
Major 1700 Vacuum Tanker
Capacity (gallons) 1700
Overall Height (m) 2.9
Overall Width (m) 2.6
Overall Length (m) 6.4
Weight empty (Kg) 2550
Weight full (Kg) 10,210
 Full Specification
Major 2600 Vacuum Tanker
Capacity (gallons) 2600
Overall Height (m) 3.4
Overall Width (m) 2.6
Overall Length (m) 7
Weight empty (Kg) 4350
Weight full (Kg) 16,169
 Full Specification
Marston 6855L Water Bowser
Capacity (L) 6855
Pronar PUV3000 Snow Plough
Working width (mm)  2660
Weight (Kg) 755
Working positions 4
Boss 7 Man Eco Plus Cabin
Unit Length (m) 3.65
Unit Height (m) 2.398
Unit Width (m) 2.30
Towing Length (m) 4.775
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Boss 9 Man Eco Plus Cabin
Unit Length (m) 4.205
Unit Height (m) 2.398
Unit Width (m) 2.30
Towing Length (m) 5.317
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Boss 12 Man Eco Plus Cabin
Unit Length (m) 4.80
Unit Height (m) 2.37
Unit Width (m) 2.30
Towing Length (m) 5.88
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