In keeping with offering young, reliable and industry excepted plant and equipment we have added new Hitachi 135-6 US’s.  These are a 15 Tonne Excavator with near zero tail swing and compliments our existing Hitachi excavators in this size bracket.  They are a low emission machine that gives an extra 7% Fuel Saving over and above the 18% saving that we have seen on our Dash 5 models, another credible benefit to renting our machines.  This equates to a 25% saving over previous Dash 3 models and in monetary terms equates to savings of £100’s each and every week let alone less down time re-fuelling over the project duration.  It keeps the operator in the seat being productive and efficient with maximum uptime.

Recognised as the Rolls Royce of excavators in this weight class we have already had positive reports from site.  Recently introduced to the fleet, we can confirm that our operators sing the machines praises, and with added fuel economy they are a very productive and efficient Excavator.

If efficiency and cost savings are high on your agenda we’re here to help you improve that, give our team a call on 01304 840640 to discuss how you can hire more for less or head over to our website to find out more about these great machines.