Here at Skelton Plant Hire we constantly strive to provide the best plant for our clients and their projects so we have continued to invest and renew our plant accordingly.  We are proud to announce we now offer the Kubota KX027-4 and the KX030-4.  These are new models and are direct replacements for the Kubota KX61-3 and KX71-3 respectively and are in the 3 tonne weight category.  We are the first company in the South to provide both these recently launched products which further endorses our relationship with manufacturer Kubota (UK) Ltd and our dealer Boss Plant Sales Ltd.

The KX027-4 remains legally road towable behind an appropriately rated vehicle that meets the Maximum Authorised Mass regulations, and the KX030-4 remains a true 3 tonne, class leading, machine.  We have equipped these excavators with Stereo CD/Radio and both Amber and Green beacons, the latter used as a visual safety warning mechanism to establish the operator is wearing the safety belt.  As with our complete range from 1 tonne to 15 tonne, a quick hitch is fitted and provides safe and quick changes of buckets and other attachments such as Post Hole Borers and Breakers.  These ‘bullet proof’ machines provide our clients with a reliable, efficient and driver friendly piece of kit that won’t let them down, all the operator needs to do is start the machine and get digging, a simple ‘turn-key’ operation.

If you would like more information about these new Kubotas, then head over to our website or call us on 01304 840640 and speak to a member of our team.