We were recently approached to supply equipment, service and expertise to a site in Eindhoven, Northern Holland.  Naturally the answer was yes or ‘Ja’ as it is in the native tongue.

Our client, based in Germany, and with a worldwide reputation in renewable energy projects, has been a prevalent force here in the UK over recent years, and between us we have travelled the length and breadth of the country installing sizeable solar projects.  Once again a relationship built on trust and loyalty has nurtured further ongoing business and on this occasion we have ventured out of the UK to the Netherlands.

When talking the commitment through in the beginning there were a few factors that needed to be considered to ensure that this project was feasible.  The relationships we have built up with our suppliers over many years, and in some instances decades, meant that we knew we would provide modern, reliable plant and machinery to our client; and coupled with the telematics installed within the machines meant that we could monitor and manage the equipment on site remotely from our desks in the UK, trusting the knowledge and capability of our personnel here at SPH.  Our operators licence enabled us to transport our own equipment, consequently putting us in full control back at base, on the road and indeed on site, so off we went!

So far we have supplied Hitachi 135-6 and Caterpillar 308E CR Excavators and John Deere XUV 855 Gators.  All of these manufacturers have a support network in the Netherlands, and in fact both Hitachi CM and Daf Trucks (on which we transported the plant) have their European base in the Netherlands itself.

So, with this reliable support network from leading manufacturers and a longstanding and loyal relationship with our client, you can see why we have taken the leap across the pond.

When you use SPH you can be assured of commitment from the beginning, our knowledge and expertise served out from a stable team who know the industry helps steer your project on the road to success, and in this instance, the road to the Netherlands!

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