Here at Skelton Plant Hire we constantly strive to invest in efficiency.  In the dynamic industry we serve there has been consistent development and improvement on equipment year on year.  For some time now, the buzz words have been ‘fuel efficiency’. Brought about by stringent engine emission regulations we have seen cleaner and leaner engines in the larger end of the plant and machinery we offer for hire.  This technology has filtered down to the smaller equipment and none less than the new Kubota U55-4 which we have recently introduced to our fleet, servicing our customers requirements for a versatile and productive machine between the 5 Tonne – 8 Tonne class.  This new model has potential fuel savings of 18% over the previous model and represents a substantial cost reduction on fuel alone, not least the overhead costs of procuring, storing and transferring the fuel in the first instance.  The less times any tank is refuelled reduces the opportunity of contamination which has become an all too common occurrence with class leading diesel injection systems and cleaner, low sulphur, fuels.

Our new Kubota U55-4’s are specified with efficiency through and through.  We haven’t just invested in fuel saving technology, we have fitted them with fully hydraulic, Hill Engineering ‘Tefra’, Quick Hitches that enable quick and precise bucket and attachment changes by the operator from inside the cab, and more importantly, keeping bystanders away from the tool change area.  It is inevitable that site personnel will at times work in near proximity of a machine and so we endeavour to reduce risk where possible, the virtual zero tail swing of the U55-4 cuts down tail swing and makes for a better and safer operating environment, together with Hose Burst Protection Valves on the main hydraulic cylinders, the excavator will not drop if a hose fails.

This investment is another example of how Skelton Plant Hire ensure optimum value when our customers hire from us.  We major on total cost of ownership which enables us to provide a good value and reliable product at a competitively sustainable price.

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